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Article 29 of the 10/2010 Act stipulates that all Obligated Entities have to carry out adequate employee training. Soluciones Confirma's highly competent team of experts guarantees first-rate training, with more than 200 courses.

In order to satisfy with every customer and each individual sector's needs, at Soluciones Confirma we have created a customized training method.

Online courses

Thanks to our e-Learning, ConfirmaFormación Platform, all Obligated Entity's employees can benefit from a comprehensive and efficient training program covering each and every one of the basic aspects of the current law.

Once the course is completed, students can evaluate their progress through an end of course questionnaire. The questionnaire also certifies that the Obligated Entity is complying with the obligation of providing adequate training for their employees and as an instrument of control to certify employee completion of the course.

Face-to-Face courses

Targeted at employees and managers who want to receive specific training about procedures and the law on Anti-Money Laundering applicable to their business and/or activity.

The course consists of an introduction about the origin and content of the law in force and an exhaustive review of current procedures in the company's manual.

On completion of the course, the student fills out a questionnaire to rate the level of knowledge obtained. The questionnaire also certifies that the Obligated Entity is complying with the training requirement stipulated in the 10/2010 Act.

Courses targeted at Anti-Money Laundering Department Heads and Senior Management

Tailor-made courses targeted at managers who, as a result of being directly involved in their company's Anti-Money Laundering Policy, require more in-depth knowledge on the subject.

In this case, our experts, after an idea shearing session, will adapt a program jointly designed with the Obligated Entity in order to comply with their objectives and requirements.