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Legal requirements relating to formal identification are the keystone on which the anti-money laundering act is based, for which there are no exceptions, not even in the case of low-risk operations where only basic risk management is required.

Companies must be aware that the identification of any one with which they enter into business is entirely their own responsibility. Due to this, they should establish new performances and procedures based on intelligent systems with the ultimate aim of identifying their customers and ascertaining their business intentions (Know Your Customer). Further, entities are obliged to maintain continuous monitoring of each and every business relationship.

IdConfirma Platform is an Identification Engine – based on verifiable identity documents – and constitutes an essential component of any Obligated Entity's daily activity:

  • At the time prior to establishing a business relationship.
  • During the continuous monitoring of the customer relationship.
  • For the management and safekeeping of files generated during the customer identification and investigation.
  • As an analytical support tool during operations to detect potential criminal practices involving money laundering.

IdConfirma Modules

  • Files Creation Module:
  • This module creates identification files with information about those involved in an operation, including digital copies of Id documents, identification of the real holder, as well as other documents of interest to each Obligated Entity.
  • It facilitates the use of a technological scanner and/or specific software to detect manipulated Id documents, security parameters validation and verified MRZ from DNIs (Spanish Identification Cards), Passports, residency cards, etc., supplying an automatic score with configurable confidence thresholds.
  • AML Lists Search Module:
  • Facilitates the access to Sanction and PEP Lists to validate customer identification data. Our standardization software enhances and optimizes searches in order to reduce the detection of false positives.
  • It also allows the inclusion of the searching result into the created identification file, centralizing in a unique file all information relative to the customer identification.
  • Management and Custody Module:
  • The management of the files is centralized through a unique and online access for each and every user of the Obligated Entity.
  • Enables easy file localization thanks to different search criteria customized for each user needs.
  • Offers a management tool for the anti-money laundering analysts to introduce their comments during the investigation of a suspicious operation.
  • Give access to the data files history.
  • Custody of all the files created during the 10-year stipulated legal period, guaranteeing data integrity, as well as fast and easy access to documents. The automatic filing system boasts suitable security measures which allow information storage without risk of manipulation.
  • Creates a PDF file with the customer data which can be sent or exported.
  • Analysis Bureau Module:
  • Our forensic document and handwriting experts support Obligated Entities in the authenticity verification of those doubtful Id documents detected in the automatic validation process.
  • Handwritten signatures from diverse documents can also be validated by our experts.
  • The expertise and know-how of our experts is a main subject to help our customers to prevent fraud.

What makes it unique

  • IdConfirma Modular System allows us to offer a flexible and cost efficient tool which meets our customer's business needs.
  • Multiple access channels including on- and offline searches facilitate the integration of the verification process in the internal proceedings of each Obligated Entity.
  • All data regarding all those involved in an operation and the digital copies of the Id documents will be integrated and safely kept in one unique identification file.
  • IdConfirma Alert Service offers a proactive interaction tool for our customers to focus anti-money laundering efforts on real potential risk, while minimizing false positives.
  • IdConfirma is defined to be customized and used as a useful and high performance tool for both points of sale as well as Anti-Money Laundering Departments.
  • It has a Follow up and Control System to monitor client performance profile.
  • It allows Anti-Money Laundering Departments to set the validation data criteria and maintain historical records of the applied politics.
  • It provides due diligence requirements and law compliance under automatic standard procedures.
  • It includes a Management Module to create users, user's profiles, as well as control evolution statistics.