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Who are the Obligated Entities?

The Spanish Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 10/2010 is applicable to the following reporting entities:

  • Credit Reference Agencies.
  • Insurance companies and brokers.
  • Stocks and Shares Management Societies and Brokers.
  • Pension Fund Management Companies.
  • Venture Capital Firms.
  • Credit Card Firms.
  • Casinos.
  • Estate Agents.
  • Auditors and financial advisors.
  • Notaries Public and Registrars.
  • Lawyers and Attorneys.
  • Companies who trade with jewellery and precious stones.
  • Activities relating to art and antiques.
  • Lottery and Gambling Companies.
  • Activities relating to philatelic and numismatics investment.
  • People/entities that carry out activities relating to the deposit, custody and transport of capital or funds.
  • People/entities that carry out movements of capital.
  • People/entities that trade with assets.
  • Foundations and Associations.
  • Agents who deal with credit or debit cards and other derived financial products.