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AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Sanction and PEP (Politically Exposed Person) Lists


Soluciones Confirma creates for its clients a List Search Module which provides access to international official lists of persons or entities which have been sanctioned and to data of politically exposed persons.

Our search process guarantees you access to the currently most complete data base, updated with more than 10.000 sources of public information from all around the world.

There will be more than 790.000 files at your disposition, managed and optimized with detailed ID information, including information regarding relatives and close collaborators.

EU and OFAC Sanction Lists

These lists contain ID data of persons of special interest (SIP) due to their belonging or relation to the following activities:


PEP’s List

This list contains data regarding the following Politically Exposed Persons and their relatives:

  • Heads of State and government, government ministers, members of parliament, assistants of the ministers
  • Members of Parliament
  • Members of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and other senior posts in the legal field
  • Members of the Court of Auditors and directors of the Central Banks
  • Staff of embassies and consulates
  • Senior posts of the armed forces
  • Members of the bodies of government of public-sector companies

Reliable first class information which is daily updated will help you to reduce the number of false positives, to strengthen your anti-money laundering controls and to avoid the

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risks implied by business relations with the wrong persons.

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